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Wickedly Deviant Publishing

Not your Traditional Publishing Company!
Professional Services at an Affordable Rate

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What Sets Us Apart?

WDP doesn't actually publish your works for you; but instead, we offer all of the services needed to take a manuscript and help you turn it into a ready to self-publish book. 

Why Doesn't WDP Actually Publish for Me?

It's simple; it's your book, why should you have to sign away any residuals or rights to it? Wickedly Deviant Publishing believes that sales pricing, where your book is being sold, and how it's marketed should be up to the author who wrote it. 

This is why WDP offers all of the support services to turn a draft into a book that you will be proud to publish!

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Our Philosophy

Wickedly Deviant Publishing understands that writing a manuscript is just the beginning step in transitioning from a writer to a published author. We believe that professional editing, proofreading, formatting, beta reading, and cover design should be affordable for everyone. 

We are an author forward company that strives to use our comprehensive skills to ensure a publish-quality result while still preserving the authors vision and intent.

You are our priority and our goal is for you to be proud of your finished product. 

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All consultations are free and with no obligation to contract for services. Have some general questions? -Click HERE. To schedule a FREE consultation and speak with one of our staff members -Click HERE. Custom packages and payment plans are available.

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