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Bundle Packages

(All packages include Beta Reading)



 $16 per 1,000 words (Includes both Developmental and Line Editing - also known as two-pass editing. First, we will do the Developmental portion and then return the file back to you to make any changes you choose from our notes. Once finished, you will return the revised manuscript for the Line Editing process where we will correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tense issues found in the entire manuscript. All notes, suggestions, and corrections will be in MS Word Markup for you to read, accept/reject.) ~10 business days for this service for each pass. Savings of $5.75 per 1,000 words.


Format & Design

$550 (Includes both Standard Formatting and Cover Design services and audiobook covers) ~10 business days for this service for each portion. Add $100 for Table and Special Formatting. Savings of $100 for Standard Formatting plus $0.75 per 1,000 words.


All Inclusive

$500 + $18 per 1,000 words (Includes both packages listed above as well as our Beta Reading and Proofreading services.) ~10 business days for this service for each portion. Savings of $150 + $10.75 per 1,000 words.

Writing on Computer

Discounts & Payment Plans


Wickedly Deviant Publishing offers the following discounts:

  • 10% - First Time Authors, Veterans, Anthologies, Members of Indie Author Social Media Groups, and WDP Website/Social Media Subscribers.

  • Receive an additional 5% if you are a Returning Customer or have been Referred to us by a current/previous client.

Payment Plans

Wickedly Deviant Publishing understands that author support services can slow down your ability to publish your book due to financial reasons. We want to help you get your book to the readers as quickly as possible; therefore, we offer the following flexible and customized payment plans to fit any budget:

  • Interest free monthly payments: 3, 6, 9 ,12, and 18 month payment plans.

  • We'll work with you on a down payment that works with your budget.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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