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The Future is a Memory

by C.M. Ross

The Future is a Memory Cover

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We are the creators of our realities

"Not just a metastory, a deliciously encompassing experience. Must Read!"
                    ~Omnia Eius, Author

Quotes from The Future is a Memory by C.M. Ross

 Science Fantasy

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Love that Transcends Time

Innovative, Imaginative, and Intriguing

Praise & Awards for The Future is a Memory

Winner of 40+ awards in over
20 Literary Festivals

Global Thriller Award:
*Science Fiction (Gold)


Pinnacle Achievement Awards: *Science Fiction (Gold)                        *Thriller (Gold)

*Science Fantasy (Gold)


Cygnus Science Fiction Awards: *Speculative Fiction (Gold)


Firebird Book Awards:
*Speculative Fiction (Gold)

*Urban Fantasy (Gold)

Outstanding Creator Awards (Gold):
*Science Fiction                                     *History-Fiction        *Thriller/Suspense                                  *Visionary Fiction
*Historical Fiction & Fantasy                  *Politics Fiction
*Science & Technology                          *Romance
*Dystopia/Post-Apocalypse                   *LGBTQ Romance  *Best World Building
*Hottest Character (Veronica)
*Best Character (Rebecca)
*Best Villain (Passione)

New York Book Festival: *Unpublished Stories (Gold)

Living Book Awards: *Gender/Sexuality (Gold)

Maincrest Media Book Awards: *Fantasy (Gold)

Readers Favorite International Book Awards-Fiction:

*Supernatural (Gold)

San Francisco Book Festival: *Science Fiction (Gold)

Los Angeles Book Festival:

*Science Fiction (Gold)

Literary Titan Book Awards:

*Urban Fantasy (Gold)

Royal Palm Literary Awards:

*Best Book

International Book Awards:


Presidents Book Awards:

*Adult Fiction-General

Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript Contest:

*Science Fiction/Fantasy

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Reader’s Favorite International Awards-Fiction:
*Thriller/General                        *Fiction/Fantasy-General                    *Fiction/Paranormal

Bath Novel Award:

Colorado Gold Rush Literary Awards Contest:
*Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction                       *Mystery/Thriller

Beach Book Festival:
*Science Fiction                                                    *Fiction-Cross-Genre

About the Author, C.M. Ross

C.M. Ross is a former science and engineering entrepreneur, professor, and radio broadcaster.


With a deep love for the arts, Ross spent years as a Shakespearean actor as well as an opera singer.

The Future is a Memory is the first installment of The Many Worlds of Liberté Féminin sequence which has received over 40 awards in 20 literary festivals prior to publishing.

C.M. Ross currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.

The Future is a Memory Cover

The sequence of Liberté Féminin is a metastory of good versus evil, love, redemption, courage and perseverance, coming of age, an egalitarian future, and revenge. For all female protagonists who are on the hero’s journey of departure, initiation, and return, this becomes the pinnacle of their lives from one book to the next.” ~ C.M. Ross

C.M. Ross currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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